LEDAZ Lighting was founded with the vision to create a collaborative portfolio of specialty lighting brands offering inspirational solutions for Education, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure, Industrial, Outdoor & Street, Retail, Sports and Workplace applications.

These strategic partners share our passion to develop and deliver practical, customer driven lighting solutions shaping inspiring spaces and surroundings.

Our team is a collective of highly talented, educated and experienced lighting professionals with over 40 years industry involvement.

The group demonstrates expertise in the provision of lighting design, application engineering, product design & marketing, project management and systems commissioning.

Our value is our knowledge.


LEDAZ Lighting Limited
Reg. in England & Wales
Company reg. number: 10196742

Unit 11
Northam Business Centre
Princes Street
Southampton SO14 5RP
T: 023 8122 9554
E: info@ledazlighting.co.uk

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